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Retaining Walls | New Orleans

a house with retaining wall

Retaining walls are an essential component when landscaping, concrete walls are designed to provide incredible support that can withstand large amounts of pressure. Hardscaping your home is a great way to get started on a more beautiful yard or garden, but it’s important you select a team with proper training at retaining wall installation. The worst-case scenario is that a poorly installed retaining wall will prematurely crack or lean, ruining the entire look of a landscape. Our qualified contractors have years of experience installing beautiful concrete retaining walls that not immediately increase the overall market value of your home, but are built to last a lifetime.

Retaining Walls

In working with our seasoned professionals for your home hardscaping projects, you’ll quickly recognize the true value of working with highly skilled and qualified contractors. We understand the techniques and concreting methods required to build an extremely supportive and sturdy retaining wall that will resist all harsh weather conditions while also complementing the design of your landscape. It can be easy to disregard the importance of a solid, durable retaining wall, but with our team, you will have complete peace of mind your hardscaping is of the highest quality.

Concrete Retaining Wall Installation

When you’re ready to get started on the landscape of your dreams, we are here to help make your home as beautiful as possible with expertly designed and installed concrete retaining walls. Planning your landscape project typically involves a number of elements, but it’s important to ensure your foundation work, including all retaining walls, are built with an emphasis on structural integrity to guarantee all further landscaping is completely supported. Always working to a professional standard of workmanship, you can rest assured knowing your newly installed retaining walls are built with high-quality materials by the best contractors in the business.

Professional Retaining Wall Repair and Restoration

With countless years of experience working on homes across the city, our licensed and qualified team of contractors will do whatever it takes to upgrade your landscape with a rock-solid retaining wall. If you have noticed retaining wall damage, cracks, or leaning, there are services available that can help return your retaining wall back to a like-new condition. We work hard to identify the cause of the damage, whether it's soil erosion, weakened concrete, or water damage, to then perform professional damage repair operations, guaranteed to keep your landscaping in top shape.

Customized Retaining Wall Designs

Retaining walls can improve the look of a landscape when installed by experienced professionals, like the ones on our team. We operate using a range of industrial-quality tools and equipment that allows us to guarantee complete structural integrity in your retaining wall, while also adding curbside appeal to your home with decorative concrete, stamps, and finishes. Our concrete work will provide you with endless years of strong landscape support while also customizable to look like natural stones or brick, available in a range of styles and colors. Complement your home and landscape with our premium, customized retaining wall services.

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